Shipment of the advance is paid by the guest. The booking procedure obliges the customers to provide all the available personal information. When a reservation happens, a plus payment is required in advance which varies from 15% to 30% of the total sum, depending on the accommodation unit.

If the payment is not made within deadline, the agency will consider the booking automatically cancelled and it has all the rights to offer the accommodation to another guest.

After the advance payment, guests are sent confirmation of the reservation by the agencies. Calculation of costs will happen as stated in the a policy according to which the day of cancellation is the date when the guest informed the agencies about calling off the reservation:

  • If the cancellation is done 30 days before arrival, the guest is given a complete refund of the advance payment except the shipping costs
  • If the reservation is canceled from 29 days to 7 days before arrival, the agency reserves the advance payment
  • If cancellation happens 7 days prior to arrival date and (NO SHOW) i.e. the guest does not arrive at all, the agency has the right to charge the full amount of the reservation that is 100%.

Advance payment can be made as follows:

  • bank transfer to the foreign currency account to deposit the foreign currency account. Beneficial to the transfer to be made within due date, the following information is needed:
  • Name and surname of the payer / holder of the reservation with a home address, Receiver:
  • SWIFT: As soon as the confirmation of the reservation is done, the guest is required to fax the payment to the agency, otherwise the latter is not requested to make a booking service, and is not responsible for outstanding reservations of services caused by the guest receiving the confirmation in due time (agreed time).
  • Payments on bank account

In order for payments on current account to be made within due time the following information is needed: Name and Surname / holder of the reservation with a home address.

In case, the guest is staying shorter than calculated according to the reservation, the total cost is to be paid for the accommodation for the entire reserved period.

For the confirm of the booking we need the advance required to be payed

You can send it via internet banking:

IBAN: For the confirm of the booking we need the advance required to be payed

You can send it via internet banking:

IBAN: HR392402006



Erste Steiermarkische Bank

Jadranski Trg 3A, Rijeka

Company name: OBRT ZA TURIZAM planet

Address: Sv.kriz 1, 52210 Rovinj, Hrvatska. (Croatia).

Please insert OUR as a bank charge.

We need to receive exactly requested amount ( the bank fees are from 7 EUR)

Right after you will receive the Voucher and the booking will be completed.

If you prefer to send the deposit by credit card we need the credit card details and the expiry date to do the POS withdraw.

There will be no extra charges for this.

For security reasons you can send the numbers by e-mail and the expire date by sms on our mobile phones

Than we will withdraw the deposit trough our POS machines.

Right after you will receive the transaction slip copy, Voucher and the booking will be completed

We dont need names or security code from the card.


Thank you

Planet Tim



Prices offered by the agency vary from unit to unit, and are shown next to every accommodation unit. The prices of accommodations are in € based on exchange rate of kuna to foreign currencies. The Agency reserves the right to change the prices shown, and they may also differ in the case of monetary changes till 3%, depending on the exchange rate. In this case the agency cannot guarantee the price concluded for advance payment and booking confirmation.

Payment is done in our office, in kunas, according to the price list that is provider certified by the relevant tourist office.

Registration costs 25, 00 KN per person, and guests are required to pay this amount once.

The price includes the cost of electricity, gas, and water.

The price shown on the price list refers to daily rental charge Every landlord reserves the right to establish their prices for accommodation.


Guests arrive in the agency or landlord's place.

Entering the apartment is 14 hours after the arrival valid as of the date agreed in concordance with accommodation services.

The Agency or the landlord is not obliged to receive a client within 14 hours after arrival.

After the reception the clients are guided to their apartments.

The customer is in charge of paying for some subjects that means: is required to leave a deposit (to the landlord / agency) of EUR 100 which will be charged in case of damage in the apartment or will be returned upon departure.



The apartment is due to be left by the date as indicated according to the reservation agreement (up to 10 hours).

On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to allow the service provider to carefully examine the apartment in order to be able to make up for the damage from the deposit left in the first place. If the apartment is not emptied within the time of 10 hours, we reserve the right to charge the price of stay for another day.



The agency may take turns in the reservation procedure or cancel the rented accommodation entirely or partially if before or during vacation unexpected circumstances occur that cannot be avoided. For the agency to disapprove of publishing and accept applications and confirmations of the units that were shown in publishing and program period, would be considered a justified cause. If the agency is able to offer the client an alternative, a change of the reserved accommodation can be done only with the approval of the customer.

The alternative must be of the same or higher quality than the reserved accommodation. In any case of changes in reservation and cancellation, the agency is obliged to inform all the guests that have booked a reservation in advance, confirmed their arrival, and made an advance payment. After exceptional, unexpected circumstances occur, the agency immediately bears the responsibility of refunding the advance payment in its whole amount.



Complaints must be registered during the occurrence of the problem, claims right before the departure will not be taken into consideration as well as those made with the aim to reduce the expenses. Guests are required to report all the complaints and problems in time in order to solve misunderstandings and establish a mutual satisfaction.



The guest has to: adhere to the house rules displayed in the accommodation unit and collaborate with service providers in good faith upon arrival at the accommodation unit or premises, agencies must submit identification documents for registration with the authorities.

Guests will be given back their documents after more than 24 hours. Bringing more people than mentioned in the voucher or bringing unannounced pets in the accommodation is not allowed. In case, it occurs, the agency will cancel the guest room and charge the total amount of the arrangement during the stay or on the day before leaving. The guest is obliged to pay the agencies outstanding accounts if this is not done before the day of departure, the guest is obliged to allow the owner to overview the accommodation and it is required to be like it was in its prime state, i.e. as it was on the day of arrival.

In cases with these obligations do not comply; the customer is responsible for paying the agency all the costs / damages.


Resolving the complaint

Every contractor/guest has the right to complain about undelivered contracted services. If the customer is not satisfied with the services offered, he is free to request compensation by filling in a form of complaint. The procedure for making a complaint is the following: - if the guest is not satisfied with the state, immediately after the arrival, the reasons of dissatisfaction must be defined so that the agency can be informed as soon as possible. In case the customer is unable to make contact with the agency, there is the possibility of making an advertisement complaining about inadequate services provided. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the agency representative and the service provider is likely to resolve the complaint.

If the customer refuses to accept the solution that corresponds to the reserved and paid services, the agency will not accept subsequent complaint and will not consider itself obliged to respond to it. - If the guest is not satisfied with the state, and leaves the building as a result of finding new accommodation, but the agency does not provide the opportunity to resolve the cause of his discontent or to possibly find compensation accommodation, the guest has no right to request a refund or compensation for damages, regardless of the fact his reasons were justified or not.

If a valid complaint cannot be resolved, the agency is obliged to find an alternative for the accommodation. The maximum compensation per complaint may reach the amount of service, and cannot include services already provided or the entire amount.

This excludes the guest's right to consequential damage.


Court jurisdiction

If the customer considers that the agency does not offer an adequate solution, he holds the right to court arbitration; the guest takes charges at the court in Rovinj.



Paying for the reservation, the guest entirely accepts the program and conditions of providing accommodation in private houses of physical and legal entities.



Our dear guests are kindly asked to respect following instructions:

  • Upon your arrival you have to be registrated in our Tourist office in order to settle all formalities concerning your stay.
  • Usage of a room or apartment is allowed only after making a regular over mentioned registration.
  • The guests who pay the accomodation on the spot (in cash), are kindly requested to pay it in advance at the reception desk (unless otherwise settled).
  • On your arrival a room is available from the moment of reservation till 10 a.m. on departure. For the longer stay – till 6 p.m. the half of one day rent will be charged.
  • From 10 p.m. – 7 a.m. please do not make any noise which could disturb other guests (bathing, showering, singing, listening to loud music or TV).
  • It is necessary to take care of the things and furniture, to switch off the lights, close water taps, doors and windows in case of longer absence.
  • Every damage has to be immediately reported to the landlord, the damaged item replaced or paid for on the spot. If for any reason you couldn’t settle it with the owner, please contact our reception.
  • It is not allowed to take the inventary out of the apartment or room.
  • It is forbidden to bring inflammables or explosives into the room or apartment.
  • Pets are not allowed, unless previously agreed.
  • Visitors allowed only with landlord’s permission.
  • Cooking in the room is strictly forbidden.
  • If the regulations should not be respected, further accommodation can be withheld.

For any complaint you may have about a room, an apartment or landlord's behaviour, please report to telephone No. 00385 52 840 494 (Tourist office) Planet. Thank you for your attention. We wish you a pleasant stay in our area. The complaint book is in Planet.

Planet agency acts as agent for the Owners of the holiday properties featured on this Site. We are authorized to contract rentals in the name and on behalf of Owners of properties offered (according to the Croatian VAT regulations, i.e. the Value Added Tax Act, article 10, paragraphs 3 and 4), at the prices defined for the current season.

Each property shown on our website has been inspected by planet and we guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of all descriptions and photos at the moment of their creation. We are not responsible for possible divergences in cases where Owners subsequently modified their offer, without notifying the Agency.

If you book a holiday through us, once your holiday has been confirmed, we will accept responsibility for it in accordance with this Terms and conditions. If you have any queries, please contact us before making any booking for any service. Once you have made the deposit payment for the booking, it is deemed that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and conditions for the booking. Rentals commence from 2.00 pm on the first day of the rental (check-in) and end at 10.00 am on the day of departure (check-out), unless otherwise notified.