Immerse together in the inner world in which the vibrations are shared!

I invite you to an unusual summer holiday followed by returning to Nature and ourselves. In a pleasant atmosphere with people who want to do something more for yourself, you can enjoy in the vegetarian nutrition, self-development seminars, exercises, stretching, evening program, scents of Mediterranean herbs and sea. Somewhere deep within us is hiding the uninhibited child who likes to play, enjoy life, the mystery of creation and the beauty around you and yourself. When you align with nature, when you immerse yourself in its blessings, then opens to us the world of our primordial mode of existence and a smile don't goes from our faces. We begin to resonate in harmony with gratitude and inner peace ("Hey, it works!"), allowing the current consciousness to take residence in the center of our being. Furthermore, we begin to witness how it reflects on the "outside" life. External manifestation begins to mirror Welfare - intents come in the form of new relationships, financial abundance, overjoyed trips, blessed peace, pleasure, or living in a game filled with ecstasy. The reality of inner depth and evolution of consciousness is taking place in increasing awareness and reducing suffering, opening the door to new opportunities.

Resonant wave begins to flow out of our bodies and create the interwoven fields of energy transformation, and thus arises a sense of connectedness (''We Are One''), directing us to individual and collective harmonization. In this single-essential-creative space and time we open up the energy baths which is purified at all levels, moving the wheel from individual to collective consciousness and other way around.

Whether you plunge into the unknown world inside yourself where you will be taken by experienced leaders from around the world and you will discover hidden coves, vast horizons, wild nature of the island, lounge on sandy beaches, submerge and swim in the sea, the path will always lead to the discovery of tangible and living beauty within yourself.

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